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We interrupt this mourning series of posts with a brief community service announcement….

I added a tiny, almost insignificant piece of javascript to my blog, oh, about 14 new moons ago. And then I promptly forgot to bring it to anyone’s attention. I’m handy like that.

If you diligently read every word of every new post when you visit my blog, firstly… thank you [sucker], and secondly… have you ever noticed that as soon as you scroll down, a little up-arrow appears in the bottom right corner of your screen? I put that there! For you! So you don’t have to scroll up. I get so sick of scrolling around websites/blogs.

So there you have it. Click on that arrow and you’ll get jumped straight back up to the top.

You’re welcome!

(mobile users: can you tell me how it goes for you or if it even appears? Thanks ever so)


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