The photo-bomber strikes again!

Okay, these made me laugh. This is the kind of comedy relief I have always appreciated in my life. At the best of times, but most of all…. at the worst of times. It reminds me that without laughter and humour, I am not truly living a balanced life.

Here’s what happened:

I got the camera out after calling and making the euthanasia appointment with the vets. They were due in a couple of hours. I hardly left Pepper’s side that morning and just lay with her.

Our dear dog, Jazz – not to be outdone (as it is with all little sisters, no?) and being true to photo-bombing form – muscled in on the very last photos I was taking of Pepper just before the vets arrived at home.

She couldn’t help herself. Take this photo below, for example:

All very innocent, very cute. Right? Hmmmm. Let me now put it into context for you:

Lucky she is a funny, cute little shit or I would have been right upset.
Thanks for the comedy relief, Jazz, you narc!


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