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I owe you guys a post with a terribly embarrassing vlog (it includes some heartfelt singing and some wobbly dancing….. by me) because I promised on my Facebook page that I would make it the first proper post here on WordPress. But hold up:  this one’s a bit important, so please stay tuned and I’ll post part 1 of that vlog here tomorrow!


For those of you who haven’t already been following my somewhat scattered train of thought these past few months, I have been working to create a space on the blog where visitors and readers can submit their own stories.

Now, finally, not only is this now up and running on its own page, there is a button which you are most welcome to put on your own blog (if you are using Blogger, add a Gadget in your Layout page and paste the code below in full and it should appear wherever you place the gadget).

Each guest post submitted will appear here on Sunny Side Up’s main blog stream, as well as become catalogued in a separate area of the site – the vision is to create a bit of a library of loosely categorized subjects surrounding those most difficult but vital of topics, including neonatal death, stillbirth, late term loss, miscarriage and – my special interest area – ancestral stories.

I used to think there was no point – indeed, that it was somewhat unhealthy – to focus on the past. However, I have come to realise over these past years that a necessary and healing release can be found in looking back (specifically, to our ancestors – those who have gone before us and left us strengths we are so often unaware are there within us) in order to move forward.

If any of this stirs in you a desire to share – or if you feel it is something that complements your own blogs or may appeal to your readership – please feel free to grab the code below. Better still….. submit your story!

<a border="0" href=""  target="_blank"><img src=""/></a>

I am even 99% sure it’ll work!  (the link, that is, not the project… that’s on its own)   *cough*



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