Once upon a time… it was all about her.

I have some news:

Now, it may not come as a shock to many of you, but…. There is another writer in our house.

Lately, the LGBB has been a flurry of fervent creative activity. Something has shifted up a gear this past fortnight. She busies herself away from any activity she might otherwise be involved in when I or her Dad are around. And then we find her, cosied up in a chair (one of my favourite spots in the house, actually, is this chair in the corner of our kitchen), colouring a rainy afternoon away.

Since this weekend past, Lolly has taken to writing stories in her little notebook. A specially chosen line-ruled hardcover one with mermaids all over it, she has been composing short single-page complete stories. And she is making my heart sing with them.

I admit, I am still getting used to how this whole parenting “thing” works. The gig keeps changing and I have long since taken my hands off the wheel to let it steer itself, correcting only every so often. With the onset of school and the new chapters that brings with it, seemingly weekly, I am navigating as best I can. But dang, it feels so good to tune all else out and just refocus on her. I find I am doing it more often. Surely a good thing for us both.

Where once this child bothered me to distraction with her lack of movement (she didn’t do the rolling front-back, back-front thing, didn’t crawl, didn’t so much as swivel on her butt until she was 15 months old), I am now able to relax more and more into the normalcy of it all. Bask in the praise of her teacher’s encouraging, heartening words towards all her natural efforts in this area of communication and language.

Perhaps this is because I come from a long line of well-expressed, published, learned forefathers – on both sides of my family tree – but there is something so relieving to see that the instinct has been carried down the line.

On the other hand, this is all her. Really. It is exciting to hear what her imagination can not only come up with but capture in her own hand now. Observing how her handwriting is evolving is heaven to me. We are truly capturing the essence of our Lolly for the first time using a tangible medium. Something I can actually hold in my hands and hold close to my heart. It is, quite simply, thrilling and enthralling.

Her training wheels are coming off. But I think I might keep mine on just a smidge longer.

How do you/did you/will you go with all the changes that come with the first year of school with your first?





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