Ever gone one step too far with a practical joke on your kid? Oh…Me either.

A while ago now, I posted a video of my faaaabulous singing ability. Oh yeah, I can belt out a rendition of 3 Little Ducks better than ANYONE. The LGBB suggested I was good enough to try out for American Idol. I took her up on it. She called my bluff. Or…. I called hers. I still haven’t worked it out.

But then, just when I thought I got her a beauty, I turned the corner from a bit of fun to…. well, just watch this and you tell me:

Should I be saving for her therapy sessions now?



I should also just advise at this juncture that I am flat out like a lizard with work currently. Able to hop around to some of yours haphazardly but just cannot afford the time to write a decent post at the moment. It’s ironic (and not a little frustrating) that when I am creatively productive in my paid work, I get blog post ideas coming out of me left, right and centre with not enough time to justify writing them out. Sigh. Ah well. Such is life! Back soon….



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