This Saturday, we’re going the Jay way: With #MSO

#MSO. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. How I love it, I’ve made no secret of it.

And tonight, I am excited. SO excited.

This Saturday, as part of the current MSO Education Week, Steve and I are taking the LGBB to the Classic Kids concert. It’s Jay again. Be still my musical-mummy heart.


The first time we saw him was two (or was it three already?) years ago, when we took the LGBB for her first taste of live orchestra. We sat at his feet for the concert. It was a moment to cherish. I remember she lurched onto her feet so often during the performance that she may as well have stayed standing. Those little knees got such a work-out that day. The harp was her favourite instrument and the look of agog adoration of learning and hearing the instruments brought tears to my eyes.

Jay Laga’aia is, quite simply, fabulous. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious. I have never seen anyone more magical and encouraging for child involvement than Jay. He is a treat. If you can still nab tickets, I highly recommend you come along to one of the sessions this Saturday!

There are other events throughout the remainder of the year. If there is one thing I urge anyone with young children to do – in any city, anywhere – do a bit of research and seek out live orchestra performances!

We are blessed with a wonderful programme for children here in Melbourne with the MSO. I am looking forward to catching at least one more of their Classic Kids events this year (probably sometime in November, but I have an eye on a few things on the calendar to take Lolly to, as she enjoys them as much as I do…. or should that be the other way around?). And I see with great delight that there are performances pitched to older children. So I can force my love of enjoying her love of music on her for some years to come! (if that makes sense) Boo-yah!

If you are looking for a really fun day out in Melbourne, have a look at taking in one of these shows during your outing. You won’t be disappointed! Noni Hazelhurst in Maximus Musicus was really fun last year and I see she is doing it again this year, that would also be well worth checking out.

To keep informed and up to date, follow @MelbSymphony on Twitter, hashtag #MSO, or follow them on Facebook.



Disclosure: I received one family pass to review Classic Kids on 9 June….. This did not affect my opinion, I adore the MSO children’s programme and have taken my daughter the past 3 years at my own expense. I rate it highly, regardless!


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