Windmill cookies give you gonorrhea

Although this past fortnight has been the busiest in a while for me, work wise, and I am battling eye strain from an editing/proof reading job that appears to be never ending, I am still managing time here and there to waste on…


just take a look for yourself. I cackled on the first, the third and even the sixth viewing of this video. It speaks to the absurd in me. And for the record, that Windmill Cookies bit pretty accurately illustrates what my arms are doing. THAT is how busy I am, friends. I hope this finds you not nearly so flappable with work or other commitments.



No matter how busy you are or how serious the job,
you’ve gotta take a little time out for the absurd every now and then.


What have you done or seen lately as some time out that’s just silly for silly’s sake? Help me procrastinate Do share!




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