Yumour: Who needs it?

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We all do.

There have been times when I have been so consumed, over an extended time, with gripes and grimaces of my own that I become completely lost to any funny goings-on around me. That has always signalled a time for me when I’m out of balance. Too much work, not enough play. Too much serious, not enough rest. Too much dark, not enough light. Something has caused a tip into this mono-focus on the doldrums, all the things in my life that I perceive to be burdensome or insurmountable.

Sometimes, it coincides with days and days of endless, cold Melbourne weather. But always, I am the only one who can bring me out of myself.

“So I turned myself to face me” Changes – David Bowie


Then something parts the clouds. Always. A moment that helps yank me further out of the working-too-hard-raining-too-much funk.

This week, the “something” was my daughter.

“Mum, what would you like me to get you for your birthday?” The carefully considered question reaches my ears as I am driving the LGBB to school on the fifth dreary day for the week.

“Anything you feel like getting me will be wonderful and I will love it because it’s from you, sweet girl,” I reply. How gorgeous of her, I think to myself while I negotiate the carpark situation in the pouring rain. I want her to learn to give when she feels like giving, not just because it is “the done thing” or some other perceived obligation. I feel good about my answer to her. Satisfied that it is settling within her. I can almost hear her letting it sink in.

“Well, how would you like…. a live shark?” she exclaims. Her eyes in the rear view mirror have that mischievous twinkle about them. Her face is set in a challenging smirk that is unwavering.

I barely make it to the curb I am laughing so hard. Methinks that apple has not fallen far from her father’s tree.

In this house, me and my funks are outnumbered.


And I am ever so grateful.



I’m linking up this weekend with 52 Weeks of Grateful at The Village Voices. It’s been too long!
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