Isn’t it ironic?

I give you, two studies in irony. That is… the use of words to express something other than, and especially the opposite of, the literal meaning. Not ironing, as in that basket under my bathroom sink that I never ever look at.

Case in point #1:
Last night, while trying desperately over a period of four hours to get back to sleep once our unkindly neighbour played music to his loud guests yet again into the wee small hours after midnight, we had a visit from the LGBB.

The reason?

“My music’s stopped.”

The soft music on continuous play in her room on her little Mac*  had stopped. While Mr Inconsiderate across the way had more music than you could waggle a weary finger at in the feeble hopes he might at least close his front door and windows, if not turn it down to 11, here was poor little Lolly with not a While Sheep May Safely Graze to be heard.

Irony, I think they call it.

Case in point #2:
This past week at school, Lolly received an Attendance Certificate for not missing a single day last term. Actually, she hasn’t missed a day the entire first semester – completely unintended but kinda cool, in hindsight – because she just didn’t get sick and, well, there was no place else for her to be but school.

The LGBB brought her certificate home and proudly presented her father with it, who dutifully read it out, “Attendance Certificate, wow, Lolly-lou! That’s great.”

But her face was frozen in a puzzled frown. “No, I didn’t get it for that. I got it for attentive listening.”

Steve and I looked at each other. This should be interesting, we both telepathically agreed with smirks forming on our faces.

“Uh, no, darlin’ it says Attendance Certificate here,” I poked the bear gently.

“No! The teacher said the certificate was for Attentive Lisssstening,” the LGBB replied again, carefully enunciating the words because we clearly hadn’t been using ours to hear her the first time. We went a couple more rounds before her Dad invited her over to read it out loud for herself.

Lucky she can read. Because her hearing’s a little below par.


Irony. I ask you, where would we be without it to amuse? Got any examples of irony occurring in your life?


* hey, the house full of them… as I live and breathe, right now we have three Apple computers of various vintages, three MacBook Pro’s and two iPads – any wonder that the personal meet-and-greet Steve had with Woz was his lifetime achievement? Hmmm…



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