Perfecting the fiction

Every so often, I like to acknowledge the random fictional stories that I have going on in my head at any one time. They run like movie scripts in my mind’s eye, as if they might actually be playing out in some parallel universe.

Today I would like to give you a glimpse at the storyline of this one called “Steve’s App Is Actually A Second Family He’s Got Going On The Side”. It’s got BLOCKBUSTER written all over it.

Plot: Steve is a computer programmer who goes to work day after day until one day, he tells his (beautiful, gorrrrgeous…. think Elle MacPherson…….. lone tumbleweed) wife that his boss has offered him an opportunity to potentially double his wage – an App that will revolutionize [insert genre here]. But he tells her he has to work himself into the ground, “live like an entrepreneur for the next while” before they see any payment/payoff for the late nights of work. So is Steve really working with his colleagues in order to shorten the years of his mortgage, if not his life, or does he have a second family?
Mild mannered family man by day, wanton sex god by night. He even takes his socks off first. But can he keep up the game long enough to let his wife down gently in the end – “The market just wasn’t there for it. But at least we gave it a shot” – before moving on to the next “App”?


If only I could tell you how many times this has popped into my head. The funny thing being, of course, if you ever met Steve you would bend yourself over double laughing. He’d no sooner be bothered with a second family than he would pretend to build an app and show me the front end of it – “see, look, it’s all pretty and it… does stuff” – all the while not really coding into the wee small hours on weeknights…..

It’s not beyond anyone, I know. But wow. I’d be even more impressed with how smart he is (and that only makes him more handsome to me) that he’d plot all that out and then fool me. Really! It could be done. It’s the best cover, because most of the planning/programming stages just look like a whole series of, well, MESS frankly. He could be leaning on his keyboard with his entire forearm while eating a sandwich with his other hand and he’d be able to pretty much convince me he had written strings of code.

If I didn’t know him better (and lucky I do), I’d think he’s perfecting the perfect affair.



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