T-minus 14 days to Japan… Anything you want me to find out while I’m there?

We touch down in Tokyo two weeks from today. And today marked the beginning of The Packing Of The Bags. Things are getting real. I’m packing snacks, I’m making copious lists in my head (at inappropriate times to make any note of them) about what would be a good idea to take on the plane and then promptly forgetting them.

We’re travelling without Steve. It’s the first international trip I’ve made without him since going to England, when I was 8 weeks’ pregnant with (and thinking I was losing) Ellanor. Horrendous journey, that was. And it’s the first international trip Lolly’s made since she was a wee six week-old blip on the radar in my ute, when we did a “stuff this putting our lives on hold until a baby happens shite, let’s fly to Fiji” whim that made me get pregnant. Again. Mere weeks before we flew out. Here I was planning around a menstrual cycle that never eventuated. It was the last overseas flight we made. But if you want to know more, you’ll just have to read my book!

I’m a nervous flyer. No, make that…. I’m a terrible nervous flyer. Ahem. God bless Mummy and all who fly with her. I’m looking at you, Lolly.

Speaking of which, check out this quick video of Lol at around 16 months. I had forgotten all about it. Can’t even remember filming it. Such is the blessing and the curse that is post-natal depression-amnesia…. Still, what I do know and can tell you is that I knew all along I had my work cut out for me with this child. She has always made me laugh into my sleeve, it’s often been difficult to stand firm in my discipline with that impish grin defying me and my efforts. Watch it and see if you detect the sly eye and hand movements, the quietly defiant gaze. Oh, yes. It has all the makings of Cheek, not to mention an ironic soundtrack – “Standing In The Way Of Control”:


So, just out of interest, is there anything you’ve ever wanted to know about Japan? Want to know what a supermarket checkout looks like? Want to see some examples of the amazing bathrooms and public rest rooms? (I had no idea until I watched a documentary on toilets… as you do… a few weeks back that the Japanese are very particular about their toilets, and now I am fully expecting silver service at every one. Okay, well, not quite, but I want to see fancy!) Do you have any pressing questions about the tsunami aftermath? I plan on drilling my sister inlaw for information, her co-operation willing, and will be keen to get a fair few posts under my belt while I’m gone. I want to document this for us (as a family) as much as I want to share the Japan I see with you.

It should be fun. Join me for the ride?

No, really… I think I will honestly need another adult’s hand to hold on that fecking plane.



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