Apropos of nothing

Surely a blog can’t be a blog without one post with that title. Dedicated to – you guessed it, astute reader – absolutely nothing.

So here’s mine.


I like confusing Lolly by asking her to check what colour my eyes are. She struggles with the request… Brown? Green… blue? Sometimes they’re all three at once, depending what I’m wearing. Mostly she just stands and stares, frowning.

Steve says I have rust coloured eyes. Rust. How romantic. I suppose it’s better than saying they’re poo-coloured.

He did that.


The usual thing I say (whenever I’m answering something that asks the colour of your eyes) is green hazel. Seems the most fitting.

They say you can tell a lot from the colour of the eyes. I know, energetically speaking, certain physical sensations or presentations can denote different things to look at within the current state of one’s psyche. But I’m not so good at understanding colours of the eyes and how they can identify health issues.

Do you have run-of-the-mill coloured eyes? Should I see a doctor? Anyone know a good iridologist?┬áMaybe it really is poo…


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