It’s the final countdown

We are at the end of our amazing trip. On the eve of our departure, we were lucky enough *cough* to experience the outer reaches of a typhoon. Yay, us.

After stressing for a few moments that we might not be able to fly home tonight because of the storm, I figured what will be will be. If we get to the airport and they are still clearing a backlog of stranded planes from overnight, we’ll just wait.

But as if that wasn’t enough, yesterday the sudden change in air pressure burst one of my eardrums. I have been frantically googling “can you fly with a ruptured eardrum” and similar. Going to a doctor with my sister inlaw playing interpreter this morning. I only hope he clears me to fly.

So! I don’t know if we’ll be seeing Steve tomorrow after all. I haven’t the heart to tell Lolly. Having had the time of her life at Hello Kitty Land and visiting Kitty’s house only the day before, she is on a holiday end high. She has been saying all morning how she can’t wait to “see Daddy and hug him and hug him and never let go.”

Oh dear. Trust me to go and stuff her plans.



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