My hairdresser is a witch

She can perform impossible feats with her magic. But let’s not drown her. I need to keep her.


Because she’s turned me from this….

Dear GOD there's not enough product in the world that can save me this morning


to this….

Behold! The slightly-manic-eyed selfie! One's photo library is incomplete without it.


She didn’t cry. She didn’t grimace. She didn’t run out of her salon, arms flailing and spouting gibberish. And it only took her three hours!

That is worth forking good money out for, my friends.

You know it is.

{ Especially you, Steve, my dearly betrothed }

You want to know the scary part? My hair was actually TAME today when I woke up…. That “before” photo doesn’t properly convey how truly curly my hair is after a night on the pillows (NB: That was NOT a euphemism). It’s usually a little more like this (including the scary eyes):

{ source }




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