Oo would you look at that! It’s beginning to look a lot like twinkly fairylights…

Anyone who knows me outside of simply reading this blog knows that I typically knock back PR requests, and why. Although anyone with a blog is technically ‘in the market’ to be approached, it just isn’t the direction I’ve taken my personal blog to this date.
Now… in saying that, this week is out of the box. I’ve received three requests I could not refuse – highly unusual in itself – because I adored what was being offered. Here is the first one.


You know your week is going to be looking brighter than the last when…

a) you don’t have to fly anywhere

b) school is back

c) you get contacted by a PR firm and asked to spend a voucher on anything in their online store… as long as it’s from the Christmas range.

Well, twist my arm and make me, why don’t you! But really, I’ll admit it. In capitals so I can fully own my addiction:

"Oh maple tree, oh maple tree…"


I won’t say Christmas lights because, frankly, I believe they should be strung out and hung proud (did that sound a tad inappropriate? I didn’t mean for it to) all year round. But, Steve has this hang-up about “Christmas lights”. They’re only meant for the festive season, he says, and they ought to be multi-coloured. Sheesh, so many rules!

So I went and looked at their range and, sheepishly, had to give myself a talking-to. Did I really need any more lights? Really?

Our Christmas tree has three separate sets of flashing lights put on it each year. That’s around 300 lights…. Not even counting the other two sets we put out along the front porch and through the hedge. Ok, I know. It’s ridiculous.

But it didn’t stop me from buying another set. You know why?

I found the solar lights section. Oh my. If you’re energy-conscious, you must check this out! And bright? They are amazing. I wasn’t expecting much (we seem to have no luck with solar lights) but I am very impressed by the quality of these.

It was so easy to navigate through the online checkout that I found myself going back to look at their decorations and adding another sneaky little item (with more lights!) into my shopping cart. So now we have light-up indoor train full of presents driven by Santa. Just because, y’know… I needed it. Because it lights up.

If you are new to online shopping, don’t be scared! And I note that there are a number of items marked “Free Delivery” in this particular store which has got to make it an even better reason to give oo.com.au a try (am assuming this is for Australian residents only, however).

Our sweet little maple tree is now adorned with 200 sparkly solar lights that brighten up our backyard from dusk every day*. Without having to be switched on or off. Win-win, I say!


* And if only I hadn’t left it to the last minute to take a photo that would do it justice, it wouldn’t have been raining and windy so I would have been able to take a better shot… ahem.


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