What possesses people? (feel free to come and add your own)


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What possesses people… to drive 20+ km’s under the speed limit?
Case in point: Why are you driving if you are only capable of doing 60km/h at best on a three-lane highway – a very safe stretch of road – in an 80km zone? Whyyyyyy?? *s0b*

What possesses people… to go a second round down a street that’s celebrating Halloween? Hey, moochers and freeloaders: you’re already getting lollies for nothing, sod off and leave some for others! That especially goes for you teenagers who don’t even bother dressing in a costume.
Case in point: The last time Steve and I allowed Halloween “festivities” to be delivered upon us (and when I say “allowed”, we felt coerced into it because the rest of our street “just does it”… what the hell?…) we distinctly recall several groups of lolly-scabbing teenagers, and their irresponsible adult supervisor who was lining up too, take a double dip at the lolly bowl about two hours apart. To add insult to injury, they hadn’t even attempted to don a costume. Sorry, Sunshine! We’re not that generous! And all the quivery-lipped kiddies who now miss out on our treats (as if they’ll notice, there’s plenty more houses where ours came from) can thank you because THIS is the very reason we drew a line two years ago and said “No more. Ever again.”

Oh, how I can’t stand Halloween.

What possesses people… to not try Op Shops? Do they not realise the plethora of serious brand-name bargains??
Case in point: Brand new, tags still on, designer labels, $3 and $4 on things that have tags that sometimes have triple figures on them… Seriously, I feel like I am robbing the joint taking things like that to the counter and handing over a few pennies to the lovely old white-haired volunteer. What more is there to say? So the shop itself is smelly. Whooooo! *spirit-fingers* Boo! Thank you to those who can’t stand and calmly go through each rack because you miss out (and leave it all for me)! Every single item I’ve ever found in an op shop has cleaned right up after an initial wash. So what’s the problem?
Side-note: if you’re an op shopper, have you ever noticed the serious bargain shoppers? The savvy, breeze in, swoop the racks, snaffle the great stuff and breeze back out types? Ever seen two of them approach the entry at once? There’s a bit of jostling, to be sure.

What possesses people… to listen to Nickelback?
I’m sorry. But I just cannot understand that one.


I will step aside now and let you add your own in the comments (and yes, you may lambaste me about that Nickelback dig if you so wish, I can take it).



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