The Must-Do List: Disney’s Fantasia feat. MSO

The #MSO 2013 program has been floating around for months on my desk and various kitchen counter tops so I wouldn’t forget to purchase tickets to Disney’s Fantasia. October was SO “almost next year”… back in March. So what did I do? Why, consistently forget to book them, of course!

It just goes to show the importance of setting reminders as soon as they occur to you that you “must remember to do that”, no matter how many months away it is…

Now that I understand the process a bit more, I will be booking tickets for MSO shows in 2014 as soon as I get the program because, so I hear, the tickets are available once the performances are advertised (in the program and on the MSO website).

The exciting thing is…
There are still a few seats left for next weekend’s MSO performance of Fantasia at the Hamer Hall in Melbourne – Saturday 7pm and Sunday 2pm – and if you were thinking of going, with or without your kidlets, I’d highly recommend you come along. I’ve long sung (ha! see what I did there?) the praises of live orchestral music for little ears on this blog and this particular musical feast, set to Disney’s classic, somewhat trippy as I recall, Sorcerer’s Apprentice tale featuring Mickey Mouse is no exception.

I remember seeing this movie as a kid, just once or twice, and it captivated me. Some of the animation quite alarming, but it was the score that was riveting. I read reviews now online and see that one reviewer spoke for many others when he called it one “for adults and very nerdy kids”…  Oh.

Well, give me an atomic wedgie and call me Nerdy because this is going to be the highlight of my musical calendar year! And that’s including our recent trips to the theatre to see not just Singing In The Rain but Hot Shoe Shuffle as well. Some fancy footwork is awesome to see, but to me, nothing quite reaches the soul like an orchestra in full flight. Live, even better.

And with the line-up of classics in not just Fantasia but Fantasia 2000, I am sure we are set to have our socks knocked off. Cannot wait to introduce the LGBB to it (and shield her eyes at any over-exciting moments).

If you are super-quick, hopefully there are still some tickets available for you too!

From the Melbourne Arts Centre website:
“…see and hear selections from the original version of Fantasia, and Fantasia 2000, including The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Nutcracker Suite and Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. This magnificent repertoire will be performed live to Disney’s stunning imagery.”


Last-Minute Rush Tickets 
A limited number of Last-Minute Rush tickets may be available to this performance. When available, these tickets can be purchased at Arts Centre Melbourne Box Offices (Hamer Hall and Smorgon Family Plaza, Theatres Building) from 48 hours prior to the performance, at a cost of $40. One hour prior to the performance, any unsold Last-Minute Rush tickets will be available from Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall Box Office. Please call (03) 9929 9600 to find out whether Last-Minute Rush tickets will be available for a specific MSO performance.


If you want a calendar of program events for the MSO 2014 season, or for more information on this or other performances, head over to the MSO website. And for information on their 2013 Education program (so you get an idea of what to expect for the upcoming 2014 events), see here. It’s well worth keeping abreast of concerts and performances so you (and your kids) don’t miss out!


Special Note: I have received two tickets to this performance from the kind people at the MSO. The opinions expressed, and possible gushing, are my own and are in no way influenced by said receipt of tickets. So, too, the tears and emotion that will no doubt flow on the day as they do with every live performance of theatre or orchestra. Because I am a sap.


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