Infertility & Loss: Posts & Resources

This section of the site is periodically updated with posts as they are written. Recently, many of these posts were moved across from the Blogger blogspot where they were originally posted, so links are in the process of being updated. Please bear with us if you find a broken link – and check back again sometime soon!

You will also find links to articles around the web. If you have anything you would like to contribute, please contact me.

This is a big site with many posts. We’ve a lot of history, my blog and I…. we go waaaay back. Back to when I was broken and pained and a bit darker. And yet, funnier. Go figure.

These highlighted posts remain close to my heart. Please feel free to browse at your leisure using the drop-down menu above.  They have been loosely categorized to try and make it a bit easier for navigation, but I think we all know this sort of grief has no hard and fast rules.

As always, please email me, comment or drop me a line via Twitter or Facebook if you feel moved to do so. I love to hear from you and how you are going on your own journey.





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