Letters To Ellanor


Occasionally, it has helped me to write directly to my daughter.

Have you ever written to your child? How was it for you? Feel free to leave a comment on this page.


(these posts may contain mention of subsequent living child/ren)

Ellanor – 2nd birthday post  January 13, 2006

My dear, dear Boo   January 2, 2010

Dear Ella  October 15, 2010

Seven, Ellanor. Seven!  January 12, 2011




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    1. Wow. What an exceptionally good example of a spammer who hasn’t really bothered to check the blog they’ve landed on. Congratulations, “Olivia”, your pitch on a page about letters to my dead daughter is amazing. Doesn’t really endear anybody to the company you represent…. And er, no. Thanks anyway.

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